For Current Residents:

Golden State Property Management is dedicated to making your stay comfortable and rewarding. Our complete set of tools and procedures is designed with you in mind. Through your tenant portal, you can easily submit maintenance requests, move-out notices, pay rent, or simply get in touch with us.

We always enjoy hearing from our residents and are here to support you every step of the way!

Sign Up for Your Tenant Portal

The Tenant Portal is your gateway to all the convenient online options we offer our renters. Online rent payments, online maintenance requests and more are all found through your Portal. So if you haven’t already, please take a moment to register. Then you can handle most of your rental business from your home computer or mobile device!

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For Residents Needing to Terminate Their Lease

If you are on a month-to-month lease or your lease is about to expire, and you plan on vacating. You can either log into your online portal to submit your 30 day notice to vacate, or download the attached form, and email it to your designated property manager 30 days before you move out. This notice will not be valid if you are currently on a fixed term lease that is more than 30 days form rolling over to a month to month lease. Please contact your designated property manager if you need to break your lease.

Thirty Day Notice of Residents Intent to Vacate.

For Prospective Tenants:

Your search for the perfect rental option in the South Bay area is over!  At Golden State Property Management, you will find a wide range of rental options in San Mateo, San Jose, Fremont and the surrounding areas. From studio apartments to condos to single-family homes, we have exactly what you need.

Our team is always interested in speaking with potential renters, so please get in touch if you like any of our available rentals. We are happy to take you on a tour and to help you begin your application.

Before diving into the rental application process, please take note of the following important instructions and terms:

Application Fee and Proof of Income:
  • Please be prepared to pay the application fee as specified in the property listing.
  • Alongside the rental application, you must provide proof of income.
  • Application fees become non-refundable five days after submission or once the
    application begins processing.
Individual Applications for Each Occupant:

Every occupant aged 18 or above, regardless of income, must submit a separate
rental application and pay a separate fee.

Property Viewing Requirement:
  • Before applying for a property, it’s mandatory to view the interior with one of our agents.
  • Applications will only be accepted or reviewed after property viewing.
  • Kindly view virtual tours and conduct drive bys of the property before scheduling an appointment.
Application Completion:
  • To complete the rental application, prepare three years of residential history and rental references’ contact information.
  • Ensure you have details of your monthly income as most properties require an income of at least three times the monthly rent.
Credit Check Authorization:
  • Submitting the application and paying the fee authorizes Golden State Property Management to conduct a credit check.
  • We also run evictions searches for all applications.
Offer Withdrawal Policy:
We reserve the right to withdraw our offer to rent if all required documents and fees aren't signed and paid within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Before finalizing your application, ensure you understand and agree to these terms. We look forward to assisting you in finding your next home!